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  • Why are you no longer running UNITED A and B with LUMINOSITY as originally launched?
    Holding an event of the size and complexity of UNITED and LUMINOSITY is currently not possible under government guidance and legislation. We now know that, even if legislation and guidance change, as seems likely in the coming months, the change won’t happen rapidly enough for us to run UNITED as normal. Key elements within the events industry have not shifted positively enough over the last 3-4 months to make UNITED A and B viable at that level in time. Many other large events and festivals in the UK are facing the same issue as they look towards 2021. 2022 seems more certain to plan for and it looks as though things can resume more or less normally for events at that time. Event professionals currently seem to judge that the events industry will remain largely digital in Q1 of 2021, moving to hybrid (a combination of digital and reduced physically gathered numbers) for Q2 and Q3 of 2021, with the likelihood of a gradual comeback to normalcy for large events later in 2021. Sadly, the timing is just slightly out of our reach for a summer event of our scale and complexity.
  • What is the potential alternative event called Digital Plus? Would it include LUMINOSITY?
    We’ll be delivering a 6-day digital UNITED and LUMINOSITY event from Thursday 29 July – Tuesday 3 August. In addition, we’re looking at the feasibility of ‘Digital Plus’, a hybrid event with people coming to the showground to experience a day (or more) of the live event as it is streamed to thousands internationally. This would need to be a covid-safe event for reduced numbers (dependent on local authority advice), with tickets offered first to those who booked for UNITED 21, and then on a first-come first-served basis. We know we won’t be able to do UNITED as normal, but if Digital Plus goes ahead as hoped, in light of recent government announcements, then we will find a way to offer all the key elements of encounter, worship, ministry, teaching and community, with accessible inclusion, specifically for LUMINOSITY.
  • How will LUMINOSITY work with Digital Plus?
    LUMINOSITY will run concurrently with Digital Plus on the same site at Peterborough.
  • When is LUMINOSITY?
    LUMINOSITY AT DIGITAL PLUS: 29 July – 3 August 2021 (starting Thursday evening and finishing Tuesday morning) LUMINOSITY AT SIXTY ONE: 5 – 8 August 2021 (starting Thursday evening and finishing Sunday morning)
  • How long is the event?
    LUMINOSITY AT DIGITAL PLUS is a six-day programme, starting with an evening session on Thursday and finishing on Tuesday. LUMINOSITY AT SIXTY ONE is a four-day programme, starting with an evening session on Thursday. We finish on Sunday morning.
  • Can we camp?
    We are hopeful that we will be able to provide some camping at Digital Plus, but we cannot yet confirm this until we have done further work with our medical team. If this becomes possible young people will camp with their parents or church family on the main campsite. In order to be able to offer overnight camping on the showground for the wide age and health range that attend United we require a very high level of medical provision. Effectively we build a “field hospital” that is open 24/7. We need volunteer medical team members and contracted paramedics as well as local healthcare agencies with capacity to accept urgent care patients from United. The cost of this provision is high, not only financially but also in terms of human cost from our volunteer medical workers. In 2021 they will not have the normal capacity after all that they have faced due to covid – they, and the NHS will still be in recovery. We will work together to offer a scale of medical provision to enable overnight camping for Digital Plus, but the current challenges on our healthcare system mean this is not yet confirmed. We will continue to work on this with the medical team, the local healthcare and safety advisory groups and will let you know as soon as this situation changes. LUMINOSITY AT SIXTY ONE will have its own camping area to ensure the safeguarding of our young people on site. You will need to bring all your own camping equipment. We welcome caravans/campervans, you’ll just need to book a space (for free) during registration, as well as for any gazebos or marquees for your communal area (max size 10m by 9m). Camping pitches will be allocated nearer the event.
  • How do I book?
    LUMINOSITY AT DIGITAL PLUS Families already booked onto United 2021 will have several options open to them. Please see FAQs (link to main FAQs refund Q. Further details of how to book for Digital Plus will be released shortly. LUMINOSITY AT SIXTY ONE Planning for Sixty One currently continues on track and is not affected by our update that we cannot press ahead with UNITED A and B as planned. We will safely be able to accommodate the plans for Sixty One at the showground in Peterborough within covid-ready guidelines (if they are still required in the summer of 2021 depending on how far any national vaccination/rapid testing programmes have progressed of course). New Wine and Fusion will continue to monitor the situation as planning progresses, and we’ll make any necessary changes in the future if we need to. Planning for LUMINOSITY at Sixty One continues to be on track for groups of youth coming to camp together with their youth leaders. Youth leaders must book for their groups and there must be a ‘designated youth leader’ over 21 years assigned to all bookings. Click here to book. When selecting your church, if yours isn’t listed in the drop-down menu, please email us at or call on 0208 567 6717 with your church details so we can add it in.
  • How do I make sure that my youth delegate can access LUMINOSITY?
    Any 11-18s on a booking for either Digital Plus or Sixty One will automatically be added as LUMINOSITY delegates and will have full access to the LUMINOSITY venues.
  • Can over-18s attend LUMINOSITY AT DIGITAL PLUS?
    Adults (including parents of those attending) wanting to accompany youth to LUMINOSITY must be verified by a Church Leader and hold a valid DBS. DOWNLOAD the Verification Form for further details.
  • What if I need to cancel?
    You can get a full refund (minus the £10 per-person admin fee) up until 30 March 2021. Please see full Terms and Conditions HERE.
    LUMINOSITY is its own event with a separate programme and camping village that is held during SIXTY ONE. LUMINOSITY at SIXTY ONE is a summer festival designed for youth leaders and their youth groups (11-18s) only.
    LUMINOSITY at UNITED is for young people aged 11-18 who are attending New Wine UNITED with their immediate or church families. 11-18s camp within main UNITED villages.
  • What is UNITED?
    UNITED is a six-day summer gathering for the whole church family, with worship, teaching and prayer ministry for all ages. Find out more at
  • What is SIXTY ONE?
    A four-day event for students and young adults run by New Wine and Fusion. Find out more at
  • How will LUMINOSITY work with UNITED?
    LUMINOSITY will run concurrently with UNITED on the same site at Peterborough. UNITED is the summer gathering of New Wine network Churches. Young people and youth leaders will be able to camp with parents who are attending UNITED. LUMINOSITY will have its own programme and will be managed and coordinated by the LUMINOSITY youth ministry team.
  • Where is LUMINOSITY?
    The East of England Showground in Peterborough, postcode PE2 6SH. Find out more about the showground HERE.
  • What’s happening to Club One and Thirst?
    Club One and Thirst will no longer exist. The great work of New Wine Youth will continue, but our new venues will be ‘Central’ for school years 8 & 9 (age 11-13) and ‘Square’ for school years 10 -13 (aged 14 -18). The destination is LUMINOSITY!
  • What’s included in the price?
    Your LUMINOSITY ticket includes your camping pitch, a full programme of talks, seminars and workshops from internationally recognised teachers and practitioners, plus a huge range of activities including sport, slip ‘n’ slide and afterhours parties including pop-up events like the silent disco, live gigs, games and more.
  • I'm booking my family into UNITED, do I need to make a separate booking for my youth delegate?"
    No. Any 11-18s on the booking will automatically be added as LUMINOSITY delegates and will have full access to the LUMINOSITY venues.
  • What’s a designated youth leader?
    As part of our safeguarding process, Designated Youth Leaders must be authorised by the leadership of the church they are representing, and this will be verified by New Wine staff once a booking is made. As part of the booking process you will give the email address of a church leader who can verify that you are a youth leader. Alternatively download a registration form HERE .
  • How many young people can each youth leader bring?
    There must be one adult (21 years or over) to every six young people if they are all the same gender. For groups of mixed gender, there should be at least two adults with a maximum of eight children to two adults.
  • Can young people come to LUMINOSITY AT SIXTY ONE with a youth group they don’t attend?
    Yes, but youth leaders will need to have a process for parental permission before adding any young person to a booking.
  • What are the responsibilities for youth leaders attending LUMINOSITY AT UNITED?
    None - Youth Leaders can go with their young people to LUMINOSITY venues once they have been verified by their home church (for safeguarding) but are not responsible for those young people as they will be attending UNITED will their parents. Please DOWNLOAD the form and return to us at .
  • How are you taking care of the safety of young people?
    Ensuring the event is a safe and secure event for young people to enjoy is our highest priority. We have experienced safeguarding professionals working on the team to ensure the right structures and appropriate processes are in place for this.
  • Will parents be able to attend LUMINOSITY?
    Parents will be able to attend UNITED and all associated events as part of the UNITED programme. Parents will not be able to attend LUMINOSITY (unless in special circumstances).
  • Can young adults at SIXTY ONE access LUMINOSITY AT SIXTY ONE?
    LUMINOSITY, like any venue for young people, has safeguarding procedures in place that will limit access to adults. Only adults on the LUMINOSITY at SIXTY ONE team or youth leaders bringing youth, registered in advance and in possession of a youth leader LUMINOSITY AT SIXTY ONE ticket, will get a LUMINOSITY AT SIXTY ONE wristband and access to venues. Venue Hosts will not grant access to anyone without a LUMINOSITY AT SIXTY ONE wristband.
  • Do I need to pay in full?
    You can reserve tickets with a deposit of £25 per person up until 30 December 2020 for the Early Bird price, which will need to be paid by 30 March 2021. After 30 December 2020, the price will revert to standard rate tickets. The deposit includes a £10 non-refundable administration fee per ticket.
  • Can I be on team at LUMINOSITY AT SIXTY ONE?
    LUMINOSITY AT SIXTY ONE has one team and we would love you to get involved. You can apply during the normal booking process. Take some time to explain and describe your skills and request particular roles in your application, and we’ll try to find a way for you to serve.
  • If I’m aged 11-18 but serving on Team at UNITED can I still go to the LUMINOSITY venues?
    Yes, you can access LUMINOSITY outside of the times you are required on Team and will be given the correct wristband.
  • Can I change my booking?
    Once you make a booking you will have an account and a log in. This will allow you to pay your balance, add more tickets, request electrical hook-up (for groups of 20+) or change details of anyone in your group. If you have any problems, just email us at
  • As a youth leader, some of my immediate family are under 11. Can they stay with me in the LUMINOSITY area during Sixty One?"
    Yes, as long as one or both parents is a designated youth leader.
  • What kids’ activity groups are available at SIXTY ONE?
    0-3s REBUILDERS: Morning sessions plus parent & child afternoon space and evening live link to main celebration in Arena. 4-7s RESTORERS: Morning sessions. There are no groups for 8-11s, but limited tickets can be bought for site access under parental supervision.
  • When can I arrive/leave?
    You can arrive from 9am on day one (the first session is on the evening of day one) and you will need to leave by 3pm on the last day (the final session is on the morning of the last day).
  • Can I come for a day?
    Yes, you are welcome to join us from 8am until midnight with a day ticket, available to buy online from 30 March 2021.
  • When can I see the programme?
    We’ll start to announce the line-up and sessions over the coming months. Subscribe here to be the first to know!
  • Where can I get food?
    We are expecting most groups to bring food and cook together on the campsite. There will also be a variety of food vans and cafés on site. There is also a Tesco Extra (with Boots, Costa and other shops) within a 10-minute drive at the Serpentine Green Shopping Centre (PE7 8BD), plus a small Co-Op (PE2 5TD) and Tesco Express (PE2 6XN) around 5 minutes’ drive away.
  • Is there WI-FI?
    Yes. You won’t need a password so you can get online straight away. The main hotspots are located in the Arena and the café spaces.
  • Where can I charge my phone?
    There will be multiple charging points around the site in various venues and cafés. Electrical hook-ups (for groups of 20+) are also available to book for your camping area.
  • Where can I hire a caravan?
    Peterborough Visitor Information Centre have a list of caravan hire companies in the area. You will need to be on site for caravan delivery, which can be no earlier than 9am on day one of your booked event.
  • Can I order an electrical hook up?
    Electrical hook ups can be bought during registration for groups of 20+ people using the request form here. Remember you can get together with another group to make up the numbers.
  • Can I bring a generator?
    No generators are allowed on site.
  • Can I park next to my tent?
    We do not allow cars to be parked on site, but the car park is not far away.
  • Do I have to camp?
    There are a number of places to stay around the showground, but you will need to arrange accommodation separately and at your own expense. If you are staying off site, you’ll just need to buy day tickets to come on site (available from 30 March 2021).
  • Do you welcome people with accessibility requirements and/or additional needs?
    Yes - we will do everything we can to meet accessibility requirements within the UNITED and LUMINOSITY AT SIXTY ONE camping area. During the booking process, there is the option to share some info on the nature of the accessibility requirements and/or complete an additional needs form. We would appreciate this information as quickly as possible which will be passed to our Accessible Church team, who will be in touch with the parent contact to discuss in detail the provision required.
  • What time do the gates close at night?
    Gates will be manned 24 hours a day but access between midnight and 7am is strictly limited. Day tickets allow access from 8am until 11pm.
  • Will alcohol be available?
    LUMINOSITY, including the LUMINOSITY AT SIXTY ONE camping area, is within a separate area and alcohol free. Alcohol will be served (to over 18s only – ID will be checked) within certain licensed venues on the UNITED and SIXTY ONE site and is allowed within UNITED and SIXTY ONE camping areas.
  • What is ‘Square’ and ‘Central’?
    LUMINOSITY is THE EVENT for all ages of young people from 11-18, the names of the two venues don’t really matter! We want our young leaders to be able to spend time with each other: learning, mentoring one another, listening and supporting others whichever venue they are in. We’ve got the snug (café), central (for 11 to 13 year olds) and square (for 14 to 18 year olds). Don’t be limited by a venue name – branch out and talk to everyone at LUMINOSITY. You’ll be amazed at the places and people that teach you the most!
  • What’s on offer for Youth leaders at LUMINOSITY AT SIXTY ONE?
    We will have a separate programme of speakers, seminars and a mentoring programme specifically designed to support you in all you do all year round.
  • Where can I find out more about LUMINOSITY?
    Sign up to the mailing list at and keep an eye on our social (@luminosity2021 on Twitter; @weareluminosity on Instagram). If you need any other help from our team, please drop us an email at
  • What should I pack?
    Here's our recommended kit list of what you should be bringing with you to LUMINOSITY. KIT • Tent • Warm sleeping bag • Roll mat/air bed • Travel pillow • Camping stools • Stove (and gas!) • Cooking gear • Picnic rug • Hot water bottle • Ear plugs • Eye mask WARDROBE • Sunglasses • Warm pyjamas • Hoodie • Hat • Summer clothes • Wellies • Flip-flops • Bed socks • Waterproof jacket • Sports kit TOILETRIES • Shampoo & Shower gel • Sun cream • Toothbrush • Toothpaste • Towel • Makeup • Wash bag • Hand sanitiser • Plasters • Deodorant • Hairbrush PRACTICAL STUFF • Bible and pen • Phone charger & portable battery • Reusable coffee cup • Reusable water bottle – we have a rule not selling plastic bottled water • Camera • Torch • Wireless speaker • Umbrella • Games/ Pack of cards
  • I have other questions
    No problem, just email us at or call us on 0208 567 6717 and we’ll be happy to help.
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