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We have been planning and praying for our first Luminosity event for over a year and we are, of course, deeply disappointed that we won’t be able to go ahead. We are thankful to the leadership of New Wine for considering all possible options before coming to such a difficult decision.

Luminosity was never simply a summer event. Our team has always been driven by the vision of an ongoing youth initiative. We have been fueled by the desire to disciple a generation of change makers who will pierce unimaginable darkness with the light of Jesus and do greater things than any generation before us. And our time is now.

Never in our lifetimes has such a pandemic consumed the world or such anxiety, uncertainty and darkness touched so many lives. Jesus has called us to be light in that darkness, piercing through it to bring hope.

Over the coming weeks, we will be producing content to inspire young people and their leaders in ways we can rise up without fear and find ways to engage with God and one another safely. We will be sharing ideas and stories of how youth in our network are creatively showing God’s love and being church in a time like no other. 

Please step into this with us, share your ideas, your stories and your testimonies of God at work and let’s pray together for God’s Kingdom to come.


Lee Kirkby

Head of Luminosity (New Wine Youth)

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