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Q. Who can attend Luminosity?

A. Luminosity is for 11-18 year-olds (as at 31 August 2020); you can either camp with your family/church in the United camping villages or with a designated youth leader in the Luminosity Camping Village.

Q. What's a 'designated youth leader'?

A. There must be a designated youth leader over 21 years assigned to all Luminosity bookings (i.e., Luminosity Camping Village bookings made via the Luminosity website). Designated youth leaders must be authorised by the leadership of their home church (the church that is selected during the booking process), which will be verified by New Wine staff once a booking is made.

Q. How do I book Luminosity tickets?

A. To attend Luminosity and camp with your church/family within a United camping village, you must be booked in by an adult over 21 years via the United website. To attend Luminosity and camp within the Luminosity Camping Village, you must be booked in by a designated youth leader over the age of 21 years via the Luminosity website. 

Q. Can I camp in the Luminosity Camping Village if I'm not 11-18 years?

A. Only 11-18 year-olds with designated youth leaders (and families of designated youth leaders where requested) can camp in the Luminosity Camping Village.

Q. I'm booking my family into United, do I need to make a separate booking for my youth delegate?

A. Our recommendation is that families camp together in the United camping villages. Any 11-18s on the booking will automatically be added as Luminosity delegates and will have full access to the Luminosity venues. Youth wanting to camp separately on the Luminosity Camping Village will need to be booked in via the Luminosity website by a designated youth leader.

Q. As a youth leader, can my family (including my children) stay with me in the Luminosity Youth Village?

A. Yes, as long as one or both parents are designated youth leaders. Children can access their age-specific United group and only the designated youth leader can access Luminosity.

Q. My church isn't listed in the drop-down menu on the booking page.

A. Our database contains a list of churches previously booked in to a United event. If you can’t find your church,  please either email or call  us on 0208 567 6717 with your church details so we can add it in. 

Q. Is it possible for a youth delegate to attend Luminosity with a church they don't attend?

A. Yes. Youth leaders over the age of 21 years can add any youth delegate to their Luminosity booking .

Q. Can a youth delegate under 18 camp alone in the Luminosity Camping Village?

A. No. All youth delegates must be part of a group booked in by a designated youth leader. 

Q. How can I book youth delegates into Luminosity if I'm not a designated youth leader?

A. You need to book as United delegates and camp within the United villages. Any 11-18s in your booking will automatically be added as Luminosity delegates (based on their age at 31 August 2020).

Q. Can youth delegates with accessibility requirements and/or additional needs camp in the Luminosity Camping Village?

A. We will do all we can to make this possible. During the booking process, the designated youth leader has the option to state the nature of any accessibility requirements and/or complete an additional needs form. Once received, our Accessible Church team will be in contact to discuss requirements. Receiving this information early helps us offer the best provision possible.

Q. Can I swap my camping village from United to the Luminosity Camping Village?

A. Yes, depending on the current capacity and provided you have a designated youth leader booked into Luminosity. You will need to email us at as soon as possible with your request.  

Q. If I’m serving on Team can I still go to the Luminosity venues?

A. Yes, you can access Luminosity outside of the times you are required on Team. Please note, there is a minimum age for all Teams and the youngest is 13 years (see individual Teams for details).


Q. What is the Team offer?

A. Youth serving on Team for one week of United or Luminosity can receive a 25% discount on a Luminosity delegate ticket for the other week

Q. Can I pass the Team offer on to another delegate?

A. No. Unfortunately, the discount is only available to the person serving on Team

Q. How long is the event?

A. Luminosity is a 7-day programme, starting with an evening session on Saturday (Week 1) or Sunday (Week 2). We finish on Friday (Week 1) or Saturday (Week 2). This fits in with the United programme so also allows families and churches time to get together.

Q. Will alcohol be available?

A. The Luminosity site, including the Luminosity Camping Village, is alcohol free. However, alcohol will be served (to over 18s only – ID will be checked) within certain licensed venues on the United site. United delegates are also allowed alcohol within United camping villages. 

Q. What's included in the price?

A. Your Luminosity ticket includes your camping pitch, a full week's programme of talks, seminars and workshops from internationally recognised teachers and practitioners, plus a huge range of activities including sport, slip 'n' slide, the skate park, pop-up events like the silent disco, live gigs, games and more. The ticket cost is consistent with the United pricing structure. 

Q. Will Luminosity be like Soul Survivor? 

A. We love, respect and appreciate all that Soul Survivor has done for a generation of young people, however, Luminosity is not the new Soul Survivor. New Wine has always been about family and the local church, and United is about bringing the whole church together. Luminosity now offers the best of both worlds, allowing youth the choice to camp with the church family in the United camping village or, perhaps for those coming without their church community, allowing them to camp with their peers in the youth village, along with their youth leader. First and foremost, we want to invest afresh in our provision for young people, making sure we're exploring the issues facing this generation and, most importantly, proclaiming the good news of Jesus to them. Our New Wine DNA remains the same for Luminosity: ministry in the Spirit, excellent biblical teaching, and incredible times of worship.