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Will everyone be in the same venue for the main celebrations?

Yes, everyone at LUMINOSITY (11-18s) will gather together in the SHED for the Morning and Evening Celebrations, as well as workshops, activities, and after-hours events throughout the day. However, breakfast sessions are age-specific: "Good Morning Luminosity" is for Years 7-9, and "The Breakfast Club" is for Years 10-13.

I'm coming on my own - how do I meet people?

There will be plenty of opportunities to meet other Christians your age. Join Scripture Union in the Rooted Tent for meaningful conversations or at the Festival of Fun to join in with group games. Also, if you're in years 7-9, you'll join a small group at "Good Morning Luminosity" at the beginning of the week.  Each morning you'll meet with your group to play crowd games and study the Bible together.

Where can I go if I find the main celebrations too loud?

Visit Our Place inside THE SHED for a quieter space during the main celebrations. The team can give you some noise-cancelling headphones or offer alternative ways to engage in worship and scripture. Find out more.

Can I attend LUMINOSITY if I'm over 18?

Delegates attending on Adult or Young Adult tickets will not be able to attend LUMINOSITY. If you are a youth leader bringing a group of young people to attend and wish to access the venues to support your youth, please contact to find out more about the requirements and process for youth leader access.

Can I attend LUMINOSITY with a day ticket?

Day tickets allow access into the LUMINOSITY venue - just show your wristband at the gate.

Can I attend LUMINOSITY if I'm on another team at New Wine?

Yes, if you are aged 11-18 you can access LUMINOSITY outside of the times you are required on Team and will be given the correct wristband.

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